We are all different, with different stories and different struggles in life, but we come together to celebrate a living relationship with God that excites and moves us to love one another and our community.
We believe that every person is unique and has been given gifts and abilities which we as a church family can make room for. God graciously reached out to all people to invite them to become part of God’s family, so we reach out to you to become part of our family. There are no qualifications needed, no joining fee, nothing to sign, you don’t have to be good enough, just turn up and say; “Here I am God”.

What We Value

  • The Gospel – We believe that the good news about Jesus and what he did for us needs to be heard by every person. Whether it is visible in our words or our actions the Good News is that while we were lost in sin, Jesus came to rescue us and to set us free from the power of sin and death. But more than this he gave us the task of telling people how he wants to be friends with them as well. (2 Corinthians 5:18-21)
  • Honesty and Transparency – We believe that in order to share the gospel we need to be trustworthy. The light of Christ brings everything into the open where it can be truly seen for what it is. Therefore we aim to have transparency in all things whether it is the decisions of the board or the way that activities are run. We believe that it is only with complete honesty and transparency that people will grow in their giftedness and faith.
  • Relationships – God is Relational. He exists eternally in relationship between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He created us to be in relationship with Himself but also with one another. The church works best when it pays attention to the relationships that exist within it. It is our privilege to care for one another, build each other up and show that we value each other.

Meet our Pastor

Adrian Clark

(and his wife Maureeen)

Adrian and Maureen joined Noarlunga Centre Church of Christ in July 2022. Adrian is conducting a short term, part time interim ministry with an intentional focus on the future of mission in the local church. He has called this focus, “Readiness for Mission”. His purpose is to help us recognise changes that have occurred in the Australian culture and then formulate some beliefs and values which may help us prepare for the challenges of the future.

Adrian and Maureen have been partners in ministry with Churches of Christ for over 40 years and have ministered with churches in both South Australia and Victoria. While at Greensborough in Victoria, the local Church of Christ began to study options about their future. They eventually went into cooperation with Greensborough Uniting Church and formed a very successful new church entity called “Living Faith Church”. Adrian wrote the story of that adventure in the book, “Together For God”.

Adrian and Maureen have six adult children and seven beautiful grandchildren, whom they adore. Maureen loves cooking, making barista coffees and singing. They are both members of The Barton Singers, a community choir.  Adrian has a long term interest in computers and especially the exploration of free software.

The Elders

Peter R
Peter C