Sunday Morning E-Service

This is a guided service which you can participate in at your own pace.  You can take some time in worship, as well as taking time in communion and hearing the preaching of the Word.

We understand that for different people, different elements are of greater value in their worship and learning.  You can take the time you need for yourself in each of these elements this week.

The order of service is laid out below.  Follow through at your own pace.  Each element is part of a journey, but you may feel that you prefer to repeat a song or skip one.  That is up to you.  Where there is text, please read the text aloud if you are in a group, or if you are on your own, you can read it to yourself if you prefer.  As you come to a video, click on the video and it will play.  When it has finished, move on to the next section by scrolling down. 

You will see there are two options in the music part of the service.  Please feel free to choose one set of music, or you can choose a combination.  The first column (framed in yellow) is traditional music played to traditional melodies, and the second column (framed in red)  is less traditional.

Please send feedback about this service format so that we can improve.  Thanks.


Sunday Morning E-Service

Please note that these one touch links will not work until 10am Sunday

Sunday Morning E-Service

Sometimes youtube videos don’t embed properly.  If you cannot open a particular video, right click on the video and open it in a new window.  It should then open in youtube itself.


Church Prayer

Today, as we pray together, please pray for some of the following:

  • Pray for wisdom for governments of all levels regarding the easing of Covid restrictions.

  • Pray for the church leadership as we navigate the restarting of services.

  • Pray for the Afternoon Service, Oasis Worship and the Bread Run as they restart today.

  • Give thanks that we are able to start meeting again.

  • Pray for the other points which were given in the Centre News


A Time of Worship

Traditional Music

Modern Music


Bible Reading - Psalm 32

Today's Message

Our Final Song

If you would like to be part of our service, please contact Pastor Peter or Pastor Phil. We would love to have you participate in our service. Please note that this service will be available until Tuesday night at this site. The video of the message will be available after this on youtube or on our sermons page.

Yellow Cards

These will come to the two Pastors, Phil and Peter.
Any feedback would be an encouragement!