Sunday Morning E-Service 10 May 2020

  • This is a guided service which you can participate in at your own pace.  We encourage you to take some time in worship, as well as taking time in communion and hearing the preaching of the Word.
  • We understand that for different people, different elements are of greater value in their worship and learning.  You can take the time you need for yourself in each of these elements this week.
  • The order of service is laid out below.  Follow through at your own pace.  The songs will be available at any time, however the Welcome, Bible Reading, Sermon and Benediction will NOT be available until 10 am on Sunday
  • There are two styles of music for you to choose.  The yellow framed videos are traditional music, and the red framed videos are more modern music.  On a computer these should appear in two columns, however on a mobile phone they may all be in one column.
  • There is a yellow feedback card at the end of the service with space to  fill in your name (so we know who was there) and a comment about the service (so we can improve it ) and a prayer request (so that we can pray for you).
  • May God speak to our hearts and minds this morning as we participate in worship together

Sunday Morning E-Service

Church Prayer

Today, as we pray together, please pray for some of the following:

  • Pray for the ongoing effort to find a vaccine for the Corona virus.

  • Pray for those who are impacted by the shutdown and isolation.

  • Pray for families, and specifically mothers, who today are unable to be with loved ones because of isolation.

  • Pray for the leaders of Australia and the world as they seek to guide their respective nations through this time.

  • Give thanks that we will soon be able to meet together again.

  • Give thanks for Mildred Brocklebank and her 100th birthday.

  • Give thanks for your family and friends at this time.

A Time of Worship

Traditional Music

Modern Music

Our Reading: 1 Peter 2:19-25

Today's Message and Communion

Our Final Song

If you would like to be part of our service, please contact Pastor Peter or Pastor Phil. We would love to have you participate in our service. Please note that this service will be available until Tuesday night at this site. The video of the message will be available after this on youtube or on our sermons page.