what does it mean to


We like to share.  We share our space, our food, our knowledge and our experiences.

Our space:
you are welcome to be part of us.  We have enough room for you not only in our building, but also in our heart.

Our food:  
more than just actual food (which we also share), we are happy to share everything that sustains us, whether it is physically or emotionally or spiritually.  God is big enough – there is plenty to go around.

Our knowledge:
we don’t claim to know everything, but what we do know, we want you to know too.  We want to be generous with the stuff we know and we want to know what you know too.  

Our experiences:
this is called life.  We want to be able to share life with you in all that that means.  We want to help you to walk through the hard times and to celebrate the good times with you.