what it means to be


None of us like to be out of place.  We all want to belong and to be accepted and loved for who we are.  In fact, we will actively avoid places where we don’t feel accepted or feel that we belong.

Part of that acceptance is being known.  Having people who you don’t have to hide yourself from.  And that is really hard sometimes.  If we are honest with ourselves, there is something about each one of us (even me, and I’m the pastor!) which we think that if people knew, or if people saw, they would not accept us.

The thing is, God already knows us, and accepts us anyway.  He knows what stuff you have that you would rather people didn’t know about just like he knows the stuff we have that we would rather people didn’t know about. And he accepts us regardless.

This is what being known is about – that God knows you, and accepts you anyway.  That doesn’t mean that he is cool with everything you do or think – we all have stuff in our lives that we probably shouldn’t – but that he sees it and loves us.  

There is nothing you do or know or think or believe that makes God love you less.

Come and ask us how being known like this, an knowing God in return, can make a difference to your life.