home groups

home gatherings for fun and faith

home groups operate at various locations, various times and with a variety of formats. Some are daytime, some are night time, some have a meal and some have coffee. Please contact the office for information about home groups.

bible studies

directed studies for growth

bible studies include informal groups and more structured programs like KYB, BSF, and CAB. If you don't know what they are, that's okay. Please contact the office or a pastor to talk about which one will help you grow the best.

girls brigade

fun and faith for girls

girls brigade has been around for years and it is a great way for girls to have fun, learn about faith and make friends in a safe, supportive environment. Contact the office for more details.

children and youth

helping kids become great adults

our children and youth ministry seeks to help kids and teens to become healthy adults. Please contact the office to learn more.

mens ministry

just what it says

bloke stuff. call Peter.

womens ministry

ministries for women to find hope, meaning, comfort and friends in a Christ centred setting

a variety of activities and ministries tailored for women of all ages and stages of life. Please contact the office for more details.