what does it mean to…


When we have made the decision to be found and known, we can sometimes think that that is all there is to it.  As though following Jesus is just about going to church.  But there is a lot more to come after that…

Think of it like this:  If you met me once, we wouldn’t have much of a friendship.  You might recognise me in the street, but you wouldn’t really know me.  Now, if I wanted to talk to you, I could either give you a call on the phone, send you an email or even an old school letter, or I could meet up with you and have a chat and a coffee.

But how would you know it was me?  Lets say I rang you and started talking.  You wouldn’t have any idea who it was, and even if I gave you my name, you would still have to trust that I was really me.  So how would you know it was, in fact, me?

I think there are a couple of ways.  If you really wanted to know me, you could look up online or in books any information about me.  You could  learn what you could from others in that way.  You could even talk to people who knew me – they could be like references for me.  You could know about me in that way, but it wouldn’t really be the same as actually knowing me.  And the amount you actually knew about me would be determined by how accurate the information about me was that you found.  Some of it may not be true…

You could follow my tweets or Facebook stalk me, or talk to me via email or letters or on the phone, but again, you would have to trust that it was me.  After all, anyone could pretend to be me if they really wanted to.  If you did it enough – if you read enough of what I have actually written or said, then you would get a better idea.

The best way would be to actually have a cuppa with me and talk, so long as you didn’t end  up talking to an imposter.

So if I rang you, or emailed you, or texted or whatever, how would you actually know it was me?  The only way you could really know is if you had actually spent time with me.  If over a period of time we had conversations and you actually got to know me, then you would have a pretty good idea if it was me or not when I called, or emailed, or whatever.

Like, if someone texted you and said “hey, its me.  Let’s go rob a bank together” you could be pretty sure it wasn’t me texting.  That isn’t something I would suggest we do, but if you didn’t know me, how would you know?  Or if you got an email from me saying you should click on this link to get a million dollars from a great uncle in Nigeria, you would know it wasn’t me.

So how do we know if God is talking?  Well, its the same thing.  As we spend more time talking to him, reading what he has already written, spending time with him and his friends, we will get to know who God really is.  And that is what growing is all about.  Getting to know God and becoming more like him.

If you are not sure who God is, or if you want to know more, give us a call, send us an email or even text us.  We would be more than happy to help you know God more.