what does it mean to be


Christians use some funny words sometimes.  We say things like ‘saved’ and ‘redeemed’ and stuff like that.  What we are talking about when we use those words (and a lot of others too) is knowing God.  

Why don’t we just say “knowing God”?  I don’t know, to be honest, but I guess its kind of like us, in Australia, talking about a democracy sausage or knowing that a stubby is something you can either drink or wear.  Its just words that we use.

So what do we mean when we talk about being found?  You didn’t even know you were lost, did you?

Kind of like when we talk about being saved (did you know you were in danger and needed saving?), we talk in terms of a bigger reality than just what you can see and feel.  Sure, you probably didn’t need saving from anything that was attacking you, or from drowning or anything like that, but we all (yes, us Christians as well) need to be rescued from the things that enslave us.

“But I’m not a slave” you say.  Well, actually…

You see, whatever controls you is what you are a slave too.  Are you addicted to smokes or drugs?  Then you are a slave to them because they make you do something.  Are you addicted to your phone or to always needing people to like you?  You are a slave to those things.

But we were never meant to be slaves.  We were never meant to be controlled by those things.  We were made to be free, but we all too often allow ourselves to be trapped and enslaved by them.  It is as though we have wandered off from where we were meant to be and have got ourselves caught and entangled.

Jesus tells a story about this – he talks about a shepherd who has a bunch of sheep, and one of them wanders off, so the shepherd leaves the flock in a safe place and goes off to find the one lost sheep.

That is what we mean by found.  We – every one of us – was and quite often still is lost, trapped and entangled in the things that we find ourselves doing, but Jesus comes to find us, to free us from the things which keep us in slavery and to give us freedom.

If you are trapped in stuff that seems to wrap itself around you and stops you from being who you were meant to be – a free person – then be found.  All it takes is to let Jesus find you.

If you are not sure how or even if this works for you, give us a call or drop in.  We won’t preach at you.  We won’t judge you or look at you with that awkward look we all dread.  We will just help you to be found and to be free.