find hope

Hope.  Not hope like “I hope I win the lotto” or “I hope the cops don’t catch me speeding”. This kind of hope is more like wishful thinking.

When the Bible talks about hope, it means a sure expectation.  A positive faith that is sure of what is giving it hope.  It is the kind of hope that keeps people alive when they are stranded on desert islands, or that gives the strength to tread water for one more minute until the rescuers arive.  Hope that enables us to hold on in the midst of uncertainty and trouble because we know that help is coming.  This is the hope we need in the midst of our lives.

And this is the hope that we have in Jesus.  We don’t just cross our fingers and hope that when we die, there will be an afterlife.  We hold on in the midst of trouble in this life because we know that there is someone there with us in our troubles.  We have the strength to walk through the hard times because we do not walk alone.

Perhaps you are in a place where it seems like there is no hope.  It can feel like that sometimes when things don’t go the way we want them to.  Whatever life has thrown at you, there is hope, and a promise, of a better future.

We would love to be able to share the hope we have in Jesus with you.  No hard sell or pressure tactics.  No quid pro quo or hidden agendas.  Just hope that there is a rescue underway.

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