Covid 19 Update

Covid-19 is a serious issue.  We are following the directions and recommendations of relevant health and government departments.  These are changing rapidly so please check back regularly.  At the time of writing this, the directions are:

No indoor gatherings of more than 100 people

Each person to have 4 square meters of space

We are endeavouring to provide a safe environment for all who attend our events and services.  Some services and activities have been temporarily suspended for the safety of clients and volunteers.

At our gatherings which are continuing, we will provide hand sanitiser and will sanitise surfaces and areas that are likely to be sources of infection.

We will limit the capacity of our activities and services in accordance with the latest information from relevant health and government departments.  At this time, this means that our capacity is limited to 70 people.  We reserve the right to ask individuals who are showing symptoms which may indicate infection to not attend and have made ways for participation from isolated locations (such as home)


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