Who are We?

We are all different, with different stories and different struggles in life, but we come together to celebrate a living relationship with God that excites and moves us to love one another and our community. We believe that every person is unique and has been given gifts and abilities which we as a church can make room for. God graciously reached out to all people to invite them to become part of God’s family so we reach out to you to become part of our family. There are no qualifications needed, no joining fee, nothing to sign, you don’ t have to be good enough, just turn up and say; “Here I am God”. God will do the rest.

Pastor - Peter and Bridget Chambers

Peter is currently working part time as Pastor and has been at the church since 2007. He and Bridget have been married for over 30 years, have 3 grown up children and 3 beautiful grandchildren. Bridget works in a mobile playgroup (Bilby Bus)  and both are passionate about seeing the church grow closer as a family. They believe that each person has been gifted by God and Peter is particularly keen to see each person be given the opportunity to develop their gifts within the life and ministry of the church. Peter and Bridget are both keen to see the walls that often exist between the church and the community broken down. They are enthusiastic about our community meal ([email protected]) and the relationships that can be grown with those who attend. Peter has a heart for working ecumenically and is keen to work with other churches in sharing the message of God's love. Peter suffered a stroke in September 2013 and is daily seeing God at work in his recovery. He has continued to be in Ministry and preaches regularly.

Families Pastor - Suzanne (Meet the Modras)

Suzanne is our part time Families Pastor. Together with her husband Stuart and their four children Iona, Lilee-Mae and twins HeaSuzanneth and Owen they care for the young families in the church and community. Working alongside our Family Focus Group, Suzanne strives to encourage, equip and empower 'family life' in today's society. She is well aware of the pressures that young families face on a daily basis and is passionate about bringing the love of Jesus into the rollercoster ride called family. Her heart is to connect with and build people up through relationships and you will often hear her talk about how much she loves "doing life together with others". Suzanne is in love with her Saviour Jesus Christ and looks for every opportunity to shine His message of Acceptance, Belonging and Forgiveness to those around her.